learn to filter

A filter is a very important tool. The good stuff goes in and the bad stuff stays out; nothing too complicated about it. There are various types and sizes for a wide array of jobs. The concept of filter is also used by many when referring to a person’s sense of control or tact. I have found that not only is this important when approaching a situation but also when someone is coaching (group or individual setting). Most importantly know when to just take it. Be quiet. An act of being candid often is a land mine, even with familiars. There are also people in every organization that you just take it from, unless a mission critical detail they are coaching you on is wrong… just listen.

Along the same lines I would like to toss out the goat. DO NOT blame shift. If you have employees do not always throw them to the wolves. Most likely people know who was involved. Assigning the fault without being asked or making sure you vocalize “who” can have adverse effects. Your people’s view may see you as selling them out and other people may look at how you failed the people; how did your leadership fail. The later will probably happen anyway but accept the coaching opportunity for what it is. PDCA and move on.

Originally posted Friday, February 22, 2013


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