Speak the Same Language: Units of Measure

When having a conversation with someone it is imperative that you are on the “same page.” When explaining the cost to your boss – or a team –  what is the common metric understood? If there are 10 pallets or boxes of product identified in this discussion will everyone understand the details? How many cases are on the pallet? How many units in the box? If you are the line manager or directly involved with that process or it is your product you most likely will know. However, in our complex operations that is a false assumption, that everyone will know. The other members of management  are not directly involved  and will not comprehend. Consider using pounds, or discussing dollars involved. Using


those examples each member can relate to what a pound is, and everyone understand dollar significance. Once the same terms are levied an agreeable outcome can be determined with the same end in mind.

Originally posted Sunday, January 6, 2013


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