Young Bird Dogs

There will be many things that come your way in life that sound great. So great, in fact, that you want to jump on the idea. The next step is the defining moment. A bir20041209123751_225751_5d dog in his or her career (well it is) faces this same thing every hunt but the defining moments are based on the age, training and overall experience of the dog. The younger bird dog will go after the first set of birds and then if another set were to raise jump at those losing some control in the situation. Everything is an opportunity worth hunting! The older bird dog takes a group and patently stalks until the right opportunity. The veteran is not distracted until the right moment – regardless of other set backs along the way, such as a neighboring group stir…

We too, do this. Sometimes the most amazing offers or ideas will come your way. It is OK to pass if it does not feel right or fit the current plan (now). It will not be the only thing amazing or creative to ever happen. The house that seems perfect but a little out of your range, is just that – out of your range. The business idea that is out of scope of this project should be put on a parking lot list. Whatever your situation, remember the “new” will fade. Once that does – would it still be the right decision?


Originally posted Sunday, November 18, 2012


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