Re: What are we waiting for?

yellow brick road ozI do not know what we are waiting for (before we start something). There is no reason for waiting other than the… well nothing. We find reasons to halt, or postpone, or not do whatever it is that we “wanted” to. Sometimes people boast about an idea to bring purpose or quite possibly attention to his or her situation. The idea is just that – a mental image of creation with no roots. The planting of the idea is work and the non committal will let it cease at that. Stake your claim; name it and claim it. Take the idea and break it out of the box. Create a small process map – use some stickie notes… just get it down on paper. With a road map you are more likely to take a piece by piece until the idea is a reality. Take the road map and make some actionable items. Of course, there is more to it than just thinking about it, but without the inspiration to create and the dedication to start down the yellow brick road you will never make it to your Oz.

There is an old formula that I have always appreciated: Work = Force X Distance. It does not matter how much you push, or think about it the lack of actual movement does not create the desired solution.

In response to a blog post by Seth Godin’s Blog. If you have time, I encourage reading his material. His material, and books, are very thought provoking.


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