case of the mondays

Monday is not my best day of the week. It usually involves an extra cup of coffee just to get to the starting point of my day. Then there are the piles of email (professional and personal) that I’ll sift through just to get to the meat – what I need to work with. Once I am primed, though, I am able to make Monday happen and get some things accomplished. By Tuesday, I am rearing to go. That is, well until, we hit Friday…

The day of the week plays a part in how much we actually do, according to a survey of several executives.

Monday 12%
Tuesday 57%
Wednesday 11%
Thursday 11%
Friday 3%
Don’t know 6%
The results mirror previous surveys conducted in 2002, 1998, and 1987.

So if people, in this case executives, feel this way – why not consider breaking away from the traditional week? The state of Utah attempted this, but pulled back from a four day work week when customers could not access the things wanted.

We are more productive today, than we have every been (based on multi-tasking, and processing capabilities) yet we continue the same course. One would think it would be beneficial to shake it up a bit.  Outlook-calendar-1It was Albert Einstein who defined insanity as doing the same thing over and expecting different results. Why not consider a four-day work week? Think about the benefits. Now, this is also assuming that the studies of a four day work week do not recreate Thursday, as the old Friday. However, an article from Inc. mentioned the added benefits of a 4, 10 hour day week. The extra day of the week – not only seemed to rejuvenate the work force, but created a higher employee retention rate. Some other examples may include: lower overhead, less days for a cleaning crew, reduction of some support staff hours, lower utilities costs (consider less “breaks”), less coffee and misc. supplies… etc.

Your business may have to get creative to accommodate – but consider the benefits from changing it up a bit.


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