Free Business Materials – iTunesU, Ted Talks, Kindle

Taking a step away from my normal business opinion, I thought it would be good to share a few good *free* resources. I firmly believe that if you are not improving with outside knowledge you are likely to stagnate. By reading and listening to others – you are more likely to improve yourself as well as be a more effective leader or coach.


itunes business coursesThis is found through the iTunes application and are free courses, or sessions about various topics. Of course, I frequent the business section, there are many other topics available. Many of these courses are from major  universities. If you do not have an iPad, iPod, iPhone (etc.) do not worry. You can still get the iTunes application (here) and download. After creating an account, download the files and then drag to your favorite media player or watch on your PC.


Through iTunes you can also download podcasts and play them on your PC. Again, you do not need an i-anything – just the program. You can still get the iTunes application (here)


Ted Talks are varying groups of CEO’s and other leaders in the field speaking on various topics. If you Ted Talks Businesswant to be inspired – visit

Free Kindle Books’s Kindle has many free books available for the Business Topic. You can find the free list here. For this you do not need a Kindle, but the ability to get an eReader that supports Kindle books. You can do this via an iPhone, Android phone, PC, or tablet. The apps and information is here.

If you have any other good materials or resources that you would like to suggest – comment below, and I will revise the post with your suggestions.



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