course correction and a teammate

The tasks are at hand and execution needs to happen. However, without some intervention failure seems imminent. I am sure that at one time or another you have been at the same crossroads. If you let the person fail, which needs to happen to fix a team, the entire group will face consequences. Yet, the success will only prolong the doomed future events for the same cyclical scenario. What do you do?

First, examine the conditions to each consequence. Every action does have a reaction. So the adage goes… Proving a point can be costly and by not helping. By definition, your dedication to the “team” will be faulted. My opinion is to first coach the person to make the right decisions. After all the company and profitability or success (as defined by your company) should always be priority. First I propose a PIP, or personal improvement plan, which is designed to help coach the employee. Many times we forget that the teammate may be lacking the proper resources (in this case training). I also believe realizing an issue and not acting upon it is a failure in itself. I have found that behind an unsuccessful employee there are people who either did nothing or were not aware of the situation. So, I propose this: Start working with the teammate during path of the task, and guide the cart as needed as to not go off the road. Once you have exhausted all training and if the course correction has failed an intervention should take place. This could take place in many forms, but I have found the best to be approaching the employees superior or your HR rep. Explain the situation, how you have coached and assisted as well as the desired outcome – to make sure the company is successful. Then, ask for advice – and take the advice. The manager or HR will have had time to research the employee and take the reins for coarse correction.

Again, there are many ways that this could go and even more variables than I have discussed here. Regardless, letting the team fail to correct one teammate is never a viable option.



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