Upper Management Syndrome

office spaceSomewhere there are secret meetings being held behind closed doors, or with the “only certain people” invite.

At varying levels of management – it is easy to let yourself slip into the “us and them” mindset. We forget that the manager and the shop mechanic pay a mortgage, and may have the responsibilities of a family. Yes, the salary may be different but when did that make you a better decision maker? It only really means, that responsibilities which bother parties agreed upon when taking the job, are different.The shop employee may be more capable than the manager – but lacking in desire or content with the current situation.

I have found over time that it is better to be honest and transparent: it is better to be real. I encourage you to explain the situation to employees. Explain the deficit that the company is in – or the profits the company has seen. Encourage your staff that profit, encourages stake holders, and great revenues lead to growing businesses.

Office Space is one of my favorite movies so when I found the picture above, I had to post it. The comedic actions of the staff and management is highly entertaining and definitely shows what not to do. If you wish to review some material that is along this same subject check out GUNG HO!. The material describes open communications and business performance.


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