stay off of the radar.

Oh the radar. The high flying organization is constantly under scrutney – the company has a new set of stay-puff-radarexpectations for how you should behave. The same is true for the portion of the organization which are not meeting criteria – or behind on goals. When the high flier takes a stumble – the attention is still there – but changed. There is something to be said for just staying off the grid. I am not saying that we should not strive to be less than the best, only that we idolize people or raise certain platforms for both ends of the bell curve. Consider your actions the next time the best company falls – what is your reaction? The very nature and of performance and continuous improvement goes in cycles. In order for there to be a first, there has to be a wide variety of other levels – including the last place. As we continuously improve the leader board will ultimately change. Do not discredit being #3, or #4 etc. – take each opportunity head on and improve.


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