my professional opinion … it’s the time to *panic*!

Managing with emotion is a very fine line to walk. There are times when you need to emphasize the

It is my professional opinion that now it's the time to *panic*!

It is my professional opinion that now it’s the time to *panic*!

importance of the situation. However, I have seen a large amount of people demonstrate what they are feeling in the midst of the situation. It is important as the leader to keep your composure regardless of the situation. I am not saying that you cannot show concern, but letting your anger rise or perhaps being over active in a panic type situation can have negative impacts.

First, the leader is the rock of the cultural foundation; the captain of the ship if you will. By losing your cool during an intense situation can cascade emotion to others and add to the chaos. By maintaining a composure you can actually instill a calmness in your surrounding personnel as well as maintain the control as the leader which is needed during the event. Additionally, I have witnessed that many times when the leader starts to engage in a chaotic manner decisions are be made that may not have made prior. Being “cool calm and collected” can allow a period of time for you to calculate: think before acting or speaking.

I empathize – it is not easy to maintain composure in all situations. I speak from personal experience – that “losing it” has never led to a desired after effect. At the brink – where a situation arose, and I was going to lose my professional demeanor, I simply stated to the employee that I need to withdraw from this for a short time and will re-engage the situation when I was more able to do so. Granted, that in a truly critical situation or crisis that is not an option. My recommendation is this: pause before you speak and calculate the plan. Maintain your posture, vocal tone and force a continuous expression on your face. With time, and practice you will be able to deal with any situation in a manner where you maintain the leadership role and then will be able to guide others more effectively.Remember in an event that what has happened is history – now it is time to control the situation, repair what is needed, and create a solid plan so that it does not happen again. Managing with emotion will not solve anything; following the PDCA cycle will bring the best solution.


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