idea chest: a $$$ parking lot

There are many ideas that come up which may be great – but now is not the optimal time. It may be the wrong phase of a project or in organizational growth or perhaps you are simply busy. A good way to keepIdea box: treasure chest full of ideas the ideas together is an idea chest, or a virtual parking lot for ideas. Simply put, this is a grab bag for items to address during available time or when demands for process improvements (or new processes) are needed.

How you rank or rate the list is up to you. Some things to consider are are listed below:

Date Created, Feasibility, Files or File paths, Contact, Initial logic and Description of the idea, Potential Cost Savings and Ease of Implementation

The most important, in my opinion are the feasibility, ease of implementation and potential cost savings. I would put each idea into a prioritization, impact / effort or decision matrix. (The links are added for your convenience.) Let’s face it. We have tasks that have to take place and now is not always the time. It is good to finish the projects you are working on (unless you have available workload spots). Having ADD is awesome when it comes to creating ideas – but channeling to only a few ideas at a time will keep you from having the “young bird dog” syndrome.

It may also benefit your organization to have a public file path to submit ideas for consideration. I would also recommend having an ideation at some interval with all the key stakeholders. This will keep you tied into the business and often a group will spin ideas into new ideas.


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