the failure of many small businesses

I have learned to focus on specialty or allow the SME (subject matter expert) to handle specific topics and business aspects. Many small businesses fail at this or fail on a much larger scale; the business owner tries to market, do accounting, inventory, and lead. It is better to allow focus in areas – and the small business owner needs to work on adapting to demands not burying him or herself in the other details – but taking action on the data provided by others.

It is important that the business owner approve the graphics, understand the financials, have direct input on the website – NOT to be the driving force of creation or maintenance. As a business owner, my expectation would be that that role is looking at data and ways to improve the business by lowering costs, increasing markets, and adapting to completion in the marketplace. If you are a single person running the business, you may need to get a bit more creative. The SME’s can still happen though… Consider outsourcing billing, or accounting, marketing, web design etc. You do not want to make the costs go up – but increasing some costs so that you can focus on key areas will have indirect benefits which in turn may increase your bottom line. At some point, if your business grows then it may be time to adjust your model and bring the services in house as your resources change. The same goes for a decrease in business size – you may need to send some services out. The key is to be flexible and always looking for the next best move.


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