success is surrounding you

There are a variety of good managers and leaders out there. Each may be talented in some things, while others are the Jedi of the business world – and their force is strong.

For the rest of us, it is important to understand the dynamics of a successful person also involve actions, reactions, and course corrections for the team. That being said, I want to point out that a manager is ultimately responsible for his or her direct reports. While people do make errors – the habitual offenders may need a harsher sit down conversation. Over time, even the best manager will have exhausted all efforts for the non-rehabilitation-able employee. Once this is realized it is time to act. Not later, or next week, or when the opportunity comes – but now. A bad employee can be an unneeded distraction to the leader and the other team members. In some situations the lower performing team member can drag the highest performing team down. This could be motivation, set backs, errors or a shift in other performance based on the accepted norm. At some point when the employee cannot be dealt with it becomes the manager’s ability or inability to rectify the situation. At the moment the performance is allowed to continue the leaders ability may come in to question.

A good leader (or manager) surrounds himself or herself with talented individuals. This may be at varying levels of knowledge and ability but each is groom-able and a part of the team. Even a weak leader can survive with a strong team. In addition to that, I believe that a leader can go to any department regardless of familiarity and keep the department moving forward. Granted, as the leader learns, some tasks make

take a little longer than a fully groomed person, it will see be able to be completed at the gumshoe level. A good portion of this is the abilities of the team to carry the load and communicate well with the team and management. Most businesses are results driven so as long as the impacts to the business are favorable – little to nothing will be said and the team can grow together during that time frame. Now, taking one step backwards, if the person placed in control of a department he or she must have abilities to lead diverse groups and see “the bigger picture.” It is not a cookie cutter world where anyone can be placed anywhere – but the ramp in periods will drastically differ based on team and leadership ability. Interim roles are good examples of good leaders “covering” an area (many of times with limited knowledge of the area.)


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