seriously – watch your email campaigns.

I am not a subject matter expert on the field of marketing. I know certain portions, but others I will divert to more respected parties. Yet, in the past couple of days I have been bombarded by SPAM from things that I have signed up for at one time. I get that you will spam. I understand you are simply trying to utilize your marketing tools that are cheap (yet can be very offensive).  If you think you have never spammed – then you must have never posted likes to Facebook… (another topic at another time).

Below are two examples of emails that I have received in the past day or so. There were many more – hence the post. I was just appalled by the issues – once I was looking for them. Please take a look at your campaigns, or mass publications to customers. Simple things like email headers to signatures or client insertion fields should not be missed. One day, I will tell you how I really feel about spam. Today, just the advice of making sure you are adding that special touch so your customer does not feel like a number.

Now serving…

8-3-2013 9-43-08 AM 8-6-2013 6-09-05 PM


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