get your hands dirty

People enjoy seeing managers of various levels coming to the “floor” if under the right circumstances. There is a clause, however.


What type of manager are you? When you go to the front line are you dissecting the situations, pointing out flaws or are you walking around and talking to the people about how things are going? The manager that never comes to the shop floor (whether that is a retailer, fast food, or manufacturing) except with crossed arms and firm stances is less likely to

have a positive effect on the morale than the one which asks questions and generally just observes.

One of the best pieces of advice that I have ever received involved routine walks to the main area – just to engage the people.  Learn what everyone likes to do.  No one wants to talk shop all of the time, and by sharing stories the

walls fall and a commonality between persons is created. When you discover Joe likes to camp, remember that. One day when you are walking through ask Joe if he has been camping? Maybe someone has a cool hobby. You will also discover things about yourself in the process. I have met people who have raised Clyers… you name it.

Life is about much more than just shop talk. We each have a story, and once we come together we can not only get the job done – but learn from each other along the way.


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