Who’s the in charge around here? (The RACI)

During a project, process or standardization there needs to be accountability. Not only should there be assignments, it should be made visible and accessible by anyone that needs to know. They may need to know so that they can seek assistance for a solution or who should be contacted. A good way to do that is called a RACI.

RACI is an acronym for responsible, accountable, consulted or informed. It is a matrix or diagram which lists tasks or functions and who is designated for area.

RACI diagram matrixResponsible – The person or group which is handling or manages the function or portion of the project. This person is the do-er.

Accountable – The person or group that is the process owner(s) and is ultimately accountable or person that has ownership. The success or failure will be held to this party.

Consulted – The person or group which is consulted before a process decision or action is taken.
Informed – The person or group that is provided information as to the status or progress.

It is possible that a person is tied to more than one function. This is usually within smaller groups, or when it makes sense; the business owner may be A and C, or A and I. The key is that as a part of finalizing your process and moving towards standardization this form is agreed upon and completed.







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