sell your idea by inception

Save the natureDale Carnegie was on to something. If you have never taken a course, or at least read (listened to) the material – you need to. The very concept of implanting another person with an idea from your mind – is a lot harder that one might think. Yet, when mastered, is a very powerful tool and helps accomplish so much. Since the application is a positive reinforcement, it is quite easy to cater ideas to conversations.

Have you ever suggested something to someone, and had it fall on deaf ears? Only to realize a short time later that the person started executing against what you had suggested – and when you ask about it they do not recall you suggesting it, but believe they created the work? That very act is a form of inception. The key is to maneuver your thoughts so that the other party actually transforms subliminal messages into actionable items. When a person believes that he or she assembled the idea, there is a much greater chance for buy in. People are more likely to execute at that point.

This does not mean you must control the entire situation or that you should be a manipulating tyrant. Simply planting an idea, while letting it grow will reap many rewards.

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