if you build it they will come…

People want to know things. They want to know how the company is doing, and even more directly – how they did or how the team is performing. No one wants to be verbally bashed everyday or only get feedback when the numbers are down. However, the team does wish to know where they are, where they need to be – and ideas on how to get there. Even the most negative employees do not come to work wanting to have a bad day.

Start small. It can be as simple as posting yesterdays numbers – and make some hand written comments. You have to be committed though, or it will not work. If you have a morning meeting, tell them how yesterday went, hit the highlights – say some adda-boys – and proceed with what today will hold. Over time you will find that a group will start wanting to know their “score.” The day that you forget or are running behind – someone will approach you and ask for the results. I have found that if you give information, it will become expected, and with that information, the group will start performing to attempt an improvement. I am not suggesting that we pursue Skinner or Pavlovian logic. I am saying that with good information, on a frequent basis, the team will start creating baselines and steps to move beyond yesterday’s number.

Start forming plans around that – and engage the team. The doorway is open, walk right in. Tell the team how yesterday went – the good things – and where we could improve. Now, seek input from the team and be affirming. Take what they say to heart and try to help them, help you (the company). With the right tools, buy-in, and feedback – a functional team is being formed. Now, what are you going to do with it?




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