i need a raise

Most of the time – money is not the true desire when someone believes they need a raise. Now, I say that, and do realize that there is a break even point for everyone and if you are below that break even point – you may actually need to increase your income to stay afloat. Yet, over time I have come to realize people ask for money – when something else is missing.

Today – I want you think about your team, and what each person contributes to the company. The hours they spend to support the cause and the little things that each of them do for the greater good. How many things are they doing that go above and beyond which are not on any job description but have come to be appreciated. Now, go around and spend time with each person over the next week. Thank them for what it is that they do. Be genuine; this is not an item to check on a long list. Ask them what it is that they like about what they do and, of course, what would they like to see different. Maybe you can help them with that – and maybe you cannot. The point is that money is often the sum to an equation where something is missing. It comes up and out – when value is not seen with the current situation and in order to continue to suffer or deal with whatever-it-is financial means become the pacifier, until next time etc.  If you want them to come to you – and to trust you – you really should seek them out just to show them that they matter. By doing this, you are planting seeds for tomorrow.



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