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“Inc. was founded in Boston by Bernie Goldhirsh, and its first issue appeared in April 1979. Goldhirsh was an MIT-trained engineer who worked atPolaroid and on ballistic missiles before becoming an entrepreneur and founding Sail magazine, which he sold for $10 million, using the profits to found Inc.

The magazine is now based in New York City, and its chief editor is Eric Schurenberg. In December 2013, Schurenberg was appointed as President of Inc., replacing the long-tenured Bob LaPointe. In late January 2014, Inc. announced that Reuters Opinion editor James Ledbetter would take over as editor of the magazine and Web site.[5]

In October 1981, Inc. became the first magazine to feature Steve Jobs on its cover, alongside the proclamation, “This man has changed business forever”.[8] ” (Wikipedia)

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