right bus and right seat on the bus

I believe that with the right training, patience, and follow up just about anyone can be successful. I also believe that even though Mr. E. Employeerightseatbus-screen, while he may be on the right bus, heading the same direction, may not be on the right seat. And for that – we must react. The passengers must all sit down, and we reorganize the seating to ensure that everyone a) has a seat and b) should remain on the path and c) limit chaos.  Even though, I do have my beliefs, there may be predetermined intervals which require an exit strategy.

So, first off, why a bus example? Well, a bus is much like the company. We are sitting in the seats – traveling from point A and trying to get to B. For your bus (company) the gap we are solving many be completely different than another’s. We are here – and need to get there –  does apply to all though. The bus does have a schedule to follow though, and depending, again (on the bus), we may need to react differently. An unsuccessful candidate who tries but fails is completely different than an employee with limited ambition or efforts and does not exhibit “going above and beyond” to make it work. Consider a PIP plan or personal improvement plan. The plan, often seen as a bad thing, can be a good 360 review and chance for the supervisor/employee to work through difficulties. If conducted right and if the supervisor wants the change – you may see rehabilitation works. You may also find out that the person is smart, dedicated and everything the company embodies – just not as a supervisor. It is OK to move them to another area where they will be successful. Remember, the company has invested a lot of money into a person for training etc. By keeping them – you may mitigate costs as well as put someone in a spot they will perform in. The opposite is true as well – and the time may come for exiting if improvements are not demonstrated.

From personal experience – I was moved from one area to another during a struggling time. I performed well in the area that I went to, and several years later moved on to be a manager. If I was to go back now, I would have changed things – but that is growth. Sometimes, the seat arrangements may just be temporary. Sitting kids boy-girl-boy-girl in school solves the problem immediately and often works so that particular situation does not come up again. So, in closing, take the time to see if the passengers are going the same direction as the bus. Rearrange as needed to maintain order on the bus. It is OK to remove the obstacles but it is also OK to adapt and keep the passengers, just different seating order.






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