attitude + action = altitude

“Before you can fly – trust yourself, and your mission [vision]… Attitude + Auction = Altitude.” (Walderman).

Lt. Col. Rob "Waldo" Walderman

Lt. Col. Rob “Waldo” Walderman

The first time I heard this – I had to pause. It does sound like a cheesy line that someone would write just to sound profound within a book. Yet, if you Google Waldo – you will find that he is a seasoned pilot and very popular event speaker. That being said, we have all seen examples of this concept in action. Consider sports teams that get into a “losing streak.” They never can muster the momentum to take down the other team. On the other hand – consider the winning streak team; simply unbeatable. There is nothing far fetched about this simple quote. There are no bells and whistles to it – just a short statement which tells us how we act, react and manage our human self can push us forward or hold us back.

Engage your team with positive energy and celebrate the wins but also being grounded enough to find ways to improve. If you have lost the battle you are currently facing do the same. Look for what went well, and discuss what did not. The actions during these times will enhance whatever attitude is present creating a kinetic energy for attitude. The problem is staring you in the face at that moment; solve for the gap. Where are we currently, and desire to be? The gap between is the road to success. As you motivate, engage, and develop the momentum remember the vision, place trust in your abilities (and team). The altitude will come.




Walderman, Lt. Col. Rob “Waldo.” (2009). Never Fly Solo. Unknown: Mcgraw-Hill



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