a little self PR is a good thing

A little self promotion, or PR work can go a long ways. No, I am not talking about bragging or buying advertisement space to exclaim how wonderful you are. I am simply saying that it is OK to share what you are working on, and what you have accomplished. Some call it politics while others consider it to be brown nosing. I tend to think of it as updating the people that need to know, and the people that want to know. No where in there should you misconstrue this to mean taking an opportunity and going line by line down your resume.

For example, I have a 1 on 1 that I have arranged with the facilities manager every week. During this time, we follow a set agenda, and I go down a list of items that I have questions about, want to share status updates on, or need opinions for. While mentioning a project that I am working on, which he/she would want to be an “I” (in a RACI). I will explain where we are, where we are going and the gap. While going over the items – I will include things that others have helped with – done well as well as items I have completed surrounding this. (Also be cognizant around credit where it is due.) That’s it. However, taking a deeper look – I was able to give appropriate updates and share what I was working on; all relative to the timing and situation.

No one seeks you out. Nor should you exploit yourself like a walking “all about me” campaign. Yet, with the appropriate timing – you have the ability to share what you can do, have done and what is meaningful to you. At some point, there is a chance that you will be asked to assist others based on your presence within the org. You may also be confided in, or asked for feedback. The point is this, no one will seek you out for you to share what your current projects or opinions are, by their keen sense of intuition alone. Some of the time – you have to let others know what you are currently engaged in, for personal growth, as well as learning what leverages you may find in connections.  It is OK, when timing is right, and circumstances are there – to be open about topics of alignment.



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