Boundaries & Limitations

FenceSeth Godin recently posted about Embracing Boundaries.  Very good post discussing how we should handle, limit, or not limit based on a boundary. This made me think about processes which companies want to change. Over time I have head people say things like, “it cannot be done because…” or “we tried that and it didn’t work.” My immediate questions to those comments are – why can’t it be done – or when was it that this was tried and did not work. See, we live in a world that is built for evolution. I am not saying Darwinism, but processes are changing; bigger, better, faster, and more. So, when someone refers to a past trial – what would it look like now? If we were to consider an idea to be dead due to the current inabilities to pursue it, have of the modern technologies would not exist. In addition, obstacles are often people. Certain department or organizational leaders may also be what is prohibiting the move forward. As teams change, so do the dynamics. When that happens – it is time to revisit.


New technology, education, and processes are out there and being redefined at an exponential rate. It is healthy to go through ideas over and over if they would be of value. When building an idea chest (projects that you wish to complete at some point which would be of some financial or other improvement for the business), continuously rehash ideas that were tossed out in the past. Keep the data that supported the reason(s) why this was not feasible or even capable at the time of creeding “good” ideas – and press forward each time you perform this activity.


If you have a moment, take a look at a timeline of historical “inventions.” Patients, desire and need are required. What is your next move?


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