Contest: Design a new Business Dude / Biz Dude look – FREE $25 Amazon gift card for winner & free advertising

free $25 amazon gift cad

                                              gift card

My first post was in May 2013 and was titled “the dangling carrot.” The post was created on a Google (Blogspot a.k.a. Blogger) Blog in December of 2009 before I had studied the available options for blogging. That was some time ago… Wow. Well with my recent decision to change my career path, personal life choices, short term and long term ambitions I really want to redefine the look of the site.

Personally, I enjoy the logo that I have but with any rebranding a facelift is due. So that is where I reach out to you. I am looking for a new logo, WordPress template or a combination of changes. In exchange for the work, I will reward the best one (as determined by me or a kid or two) with a $25.00 Amazon gift card. If you are a professional I will also post your information in several spots as an advertisement for an indefinite amount of time. There may be a few more things in it for you, but this is what my broke… I mean not-for-profit can offer.

Rules, Criteria & Thoughts

  • general audience-appropriate
    • while adults are the most likely audience I cannot have censorship concerns
  • the work must be your own and by submitting you certify that it is a “you” design
  • you can maintain the copyright of the image(s) but will provide permission for me to use the image for marketing and branding of the website(s) and merchandise 
  • really need a single logo that could also be added to a banner for the WordPress banner
  • the model going forward will be business-focused in the form of – career, working adults and life impact(s)
  • the contest will go on until a winner is selected
  • a single user can have multiple entries but the copyright information (rights sharing) will only pertain to the winner and the used image
    • if you submit an item and it is not selected as the “winner”  – I will not use the image without expressed written consent
  • if you have read this far you are a rare case and good job (only one is one thousand read the fine print according to Forbes)
  • to enter go to the jotform below and fill out the form submitting a URL or image via the form

To enter and submit your work for consideration for the Amazon gift card logo and artwork contest please visit the JotForm submission form that I tossed together.


Please feel free to shoot me any questions.



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